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Best Neuro Pharma Company


Cardimind Pharmaceuticals is a fully integrated specialty pharmaceuticals company focused on the research, development, production, and commercialization of products in the areas of Cardiology, Neurology, Diabetology and speciality Range covering intensive care and hormone therapeutics. From our headquarters in Chandigarh, we run a dynamic operation providing innovative products and value-added formulations aimed at enhancing the lives of patients and supporting the work of healthcare professionals through improved convenience and safety.

Competence Through Expertise

Through dedicated research, focus on highly specialized therapeutic areas and an international outlook, we have established a solid platform that enables us to make a considerable contribution to healthcare systems around the world.

Innovation is an essential element of our working culture. Creating value for our customers and discovering new therapies and medical applications – our development and growth are a function of our ability to innovate.


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Best Neuro Pharma Company

Why Choose Us

The company is working towards making this world a healthier place. By being in the pharmaceutical sector for so long, we have understood that fulfilling the requirements of the market is the main road to success.

Best Neuro Pharma Company

Who We Are

Cardimind Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical company in India that was established with a vision of offering a quality class and affordable range of medicines in the market. Within a short time span of few years, we have created a well-established name for ourselves in the pharmaceutical industry.

Best Neuro Pharma Company

Quality Assurance

  • Our production of drugs takes place under Schedule M units.
  • All the manufacturing units are nationally and internally approved.
  • We supervise the whole manufacturing and packaging process to reduce any risk of contamination of drugs.
" Our focus is to see that we are growing faster than the industry and, whichever product we launch, we do better than the competition. We try and manage our operations better than the competition. Essentially, we try to be better than what we were the previous year "
Mr. Ashwani Mehta
CEO & Director

Meet Our Team

We’re a growing team of Pharmaceutical Business Experts and thought leaders —
full of personality minus the ego. We’re the wearer of many hats dedicated to helping companies as yours grow.

Rajni Sharma

Vice President – Asterisk

Nisha Sharma

Project Manager  Cardimind

Prem Singh

IT Specialist – Asterisk

Amit Dhiman

Graphic Designer Asterisk

Damini Thakur

Sales Executive  Cardimind

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